In 3 separate transactions I sold small portions of my payment stream, keeping monthly payments large enough to cover my living and medical expenses. With the first sale, I bought new prosthetic limbs. The second allowed me to convert my basement into a small commercial print shop that I could run. As my business grew, I sold another portion of my payments to purchase a handicap-accessible van to handle pick-ups and deliveries. Selling my payments has opened new doors for me; I am finally self-sufficient.
- Benjamin M.

You're on your way to getting the cash you need if you meet the following simple criteria:

  1. Already won your lawsuit in court or are receiving an annuity.
  2. Currently receiving your payments over time from an insurance company.
  3. Are ready for your money NOW!
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Getting Your Money Now Makes Sense
Instead of waiting for payments over time, get the up-front cash you need now. It's your money. Choose to be in control of your financial situation.

Customized, Flexible, Personalized Options
Because everyone's needs are different, every lump sum is customized to match your unique situation. You can convert all of your personal injury settlement payments into cash or just a portion. It's your choice. That means you can get your lump sum cash, and still receive your settlement check!

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